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Powerful QR & Barcode scanner + Flashlight

All in one application for your android device. Designed by Red Dodo.

Red Dodo. Personalized Mobile Screensavers & Wallpapers
  • Scan any type of QR and Bar Code, including inverted QR codes.
  • Create and share QR codes.
  • Use the app as a flashlight with POWER-SAVING feature.
  • Friendly interface in portrait and landscape mode.
Download for free at Google Play or search for word "reddodo" at Google Play from your phone.

Already have a QR code scanner? Try ours, see how convenient it is:
qrscanner by Red Dodo

Flashlight with
feature. Sometimes you need a light to help scan the code, and other times you may only need a flashlight. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to turn off the scanner and save battery power.

---------------------------------QR & Barcode reader
Try our SECURED version which doesn't ask for permissions to read Contact and History Bookmarks. QR & Barcode reader. Secure


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